​Samhwa I Career


캐주얼 비즈니스 미팅


1. Applicants who are new to college must submit an application form at the recruitment homepage or representative email.
2. When you fill out the application form, please consider the job you are interested in and finally accept it.


Based on your application for employment (resume, self introduction, career introduction, etc.), we will examine the relationship with your job. We will examine the basic qualities and values ​​appropriate for the talented person pursued by Samhwa Tech in various aspects.


1. Comprehensively examine applicants' competencies, values ​​and potentials.
2. Interviews of various interview methods (job interview and executive interview) 
    Depending on the job you are applying for, a separate interview screening method may be added.



1. Interns who are interns (except experienced interns) must complete the internship course at Samhwa Tech.
2. The intern who will complete the job for three months and will be the last to join
Samhwa Tech.

Final admission

1. Individual wired calls and e-mails and SMS will be sent to you.
2. You will be admitted to our company after your health checkup.