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팀 토크

SamHwa Co., Ltd. is a Korean manufacturer of Car air conditioner compressor. SamHwa supplies Air conditioner compressor and its related parts to USA, Europe, Aisia etc. All manufacturing goods are brand new ones, and we are carrying out Quality program to verify this. SamHwa is doing our best to fulfill the better customers’ satisfaction.


Value creation for human. Challenge to the world.


The products manufactured by Samhwa Tech Co., Ltd. are carried out three levels quality management tests consisting of basic performance tests including Pump test, Bleed test and dB test; Vacuum test; and Pressure-resistance and leakage test. Recently, Samhwa Tech Co., Ltd. introduced the latest equipments for leakage test and durability test and has upgraded the quality management capability.


Samhwa Co., Ltd., established a research institute has done the best for 3 innovations in technology, quality and cost every year. As a result, we have been achieving both high quality products and competitive price. In addition, discovering and recruiting competent people overseas, we nurture talent with global competitiveness.